Thursday, 17 August 2017

Salveo’s Rectawin Works remarkably for the Patients Suffering from Piles

It is vital to remember that all of us live with the hemorrhoids but when they are enlarged or swollen then it leads to a chronic ailment called piles. However the true cause of this illness is not known but certain factors such as irregular bowel, hypertension, obesity, poor dietary habits are responsible for this ailment.

According to the experts, there are two types of hemorrhoids and they are namely internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Itching, bleeding, irritation and fecal incontinence are some of the common symptoms of this ailment.

There are several home therapies recommended for the people suffering from this ailment. For instance, you may drink one teaspoon of olive oil regularly. Indeed it proves to be an effective home remedy for piles. It helps to reduce the inflammation and mono-saturated fats to enhance the functioning of the excretory system as a whole. It is vital that you should consume whole grain products if you are afflicted with this disease. These products contain large amount of fibrous elements that can help you to cure this ailment by all possible means.

A large number of people often look out for the herbal remedies that can be more effective that above mentioned home therapies for piles. Salveo Life Sciences, a popular herbal medicine manufacturer, comes up with Rectawin capsules that can cure several rectal ailments such as anal fissures, fistula, piles and eczema naturally. All these herbal capsules can be prepared from the herbal ingredients such as Cinnamomum and Mimosa pudica that can help to shrink the pile mass, prevent bleeding and prohibits the healing procedure of the inflamed skin. Another herbal ingredient called Azadiracha is rich in anti-bacterial ingredients and also helps in fast healing. Other ingredients such as Terminallia chebula and Aegle marmelos work as effective laxative and help you to get rid of this ailment easily.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please do not use this information to diagnose or treat health problems without consulting a doctor.


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