Thursday, 8 March 2018

Avoid Indigestion Ailment with Herbal Remedy of Salveo

You know it whenever you feel it and that uneasy feeling in the belly immediately comes after or during consumption of the meal. It is indigestion and sometimes it is also referred to as dyspepsia. Indigestion can be the sign of an underlying ailment such as ulcer, gallbladder ailment, ulcer, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and so on. Indeed, the treatment that you receive depends on the exact reason of this ailment.

Various Symptoms as well as Reasons

Indigestion can occur due to the problem in the secretion of the digestive juice in the stomach.  It usually begins with consumption of spicy and fatty food and also due to overeating. Indeed, it is also triggered due to various medical issues like stomach disease, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity and the like. The most common symptoms of indigestion are belching as well as gas, growling stomach, acidic taste, belly pain, nausea and so on.

These symptoms can become worst when you are absolutely exhausted. When you swallow air while consuming essential food products, it can lead to various complications of the human body. Your risk can increase due to liquor consumption, use of the medicines that can cause stomach irritation like painkillers, ulcer in the digestive tract and so on.

Herbal cure of Salveo Life Sciences 

In order to cure this problem, people depend on the best herbal remedies for indigestion provided by Salveo Life Sciences. Pepsto syrup of Salveo improves the mucosal barrier and the lining of the duodenum that can be eroded due to stomach acid and also can cause ulcer. The best thing is that this medicine can be prepared from several herbal extracts such as Brahmmi, Glycyrrhiza glabra and Holarrhena asiatica that can provide anti-ulcerative effects and cause gastric mucosal secretion and so on. To sum up, you can get rid of the symptoms associated with indigestion thereby using Salveo’s herbal remedy.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please do not use this information to diagnose or treat health problems without consulting a doctor. 


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