Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Prostasafe of Salveo is the Best Herbal Medicine for Prostatitis Treatment

Prostatitis involves the inflammation of the prostate gland, a vital organ that resembles a walnut and that is also found below the urinary bladder of a man. In fact, this gland produces the fluid that nourishes as well as transport sperm. This ailment can affect men of different age groups, especially those who in their fifties. Acute prostatitis is caused mainly because of the bacterial infection. In fact, this type of infection begins when the harmful bacteria in urine enter the prostate gland. In fact, the injury of the nerve in the lower part of the urinary tract would cause prostatitis.

The common symptoms related to prostatitis include a problem in the urination procedure such as feeling a burning sensation, dribbling urination, acute pain while urinating as well as constant urge for urination during the night. Other symptoms include feeling chronic pain in the groin, abdomen or even in the lower back portion, experiencing discomfort on the testicles, feeling uneasiness on the testicles, experiencing painful ejaculation, pain in the region between rectum and scrotum.

There are several ayurvedic home remedies recommended for the patients suffering from prostatitis. These include pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, tomatoes, turmeric roots, papaya and so on. Unlike the above-mentioned remedies, the herbal medicines prove to be more effective and they are devoid of side effects. Especially, Salveo Life Sciences is a popular herbal medicine manufacturer dedicated to offering remedies for prostatitis and other ailments such as arthritis, urinary tract infection, skin ailment, sinusitis and the like. Salveo’s herbal remedy for prostatitis is called Prostasafe. It is safe medicine that can be cured easily by the elderly people. In fact, this drug is effective for maintaining prostatic health such as reducing the risks of the injury of the prostate gland due to surgery, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH and the like. Interestingly, this drug can be prepared from herbal ingredients and they do not cause side effects. The herbal ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Praval and Tamarix articulate are used for its preparation. For example, Tamarix articulate is rich in diuretic and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Paval contains a huge amount of calcium that can be vital for urine retention. Saw Palmetto contains a huge amount of beta-sitosterol ingredients that may hinder 5 alpha reductase actions which can reduce the di-hydro testosterone levels related to BPH. Make use of this natural remedy and cure this ailment in the best possible way.

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