Monday, 27 February 2017

5 quintessential home remedies for asthma treatment

The best way to cure an ailment is to have a clear idea of the same yourself. The better you get to analyse the problem in you, the easier it gets for you to go about with the diagnosis. The word asthma owes it origin to the age old Greek dictionary that puts forward the meaning of asthma as ‘gasping’ for breath or ‘panting’.

An end to your search for natural remedies

If you are the one who has been on the search for a few effectual non-medicinal asthma home remedies, here is a list of a few that can be of some help:

1. Boiling a few cloves along with a spoon of honey in water can render out a good mixture to help down regular spasms of asthma.

2. Air conditioning on the other hand comes handy since it keeps you away from direct contact with dust particles. Travelling in an enclosed surrounding is quite safe.

3. Try avoiding consumption of milk tea if you are suffering from a serious condition of asthma. Instead you opt for herbal tea mixed with lime juice and a bit of ginger.

4. A mixture of honey, black pepper and ginger powder works wonders for asthmatic patients back at home.

5. Inhaling steam from boiling water with ajwain seeds in it is also a great home remedy that can be used to get a certain amount of relief from asthmatic breathing attacks.

Apart from looking for remedies, you can try keeping a track of the attacks that you feel. A record of the reasons that led to the attacks and the simultaneous reactions can help you and the doctor diagnose accordingly. Overdose of medication can often have adverse effects on the body. Therefore it is better to keep a prior knowledge of the amount to be taken from the physician. In extreme cases, an inhaler happens to be an essential form of medication.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please do not use this information to diagnose or treat health problems without consulting a doctor.