Thursday, 23 March 2017

Boost your bones through Salveo’s home remedy for arthritis

We take the freedom of movement for granted, until it becomes limited.Arthritis actually means joint inflammation, though joint inflammation is a sign rather than a specific diagnosis, but the term is often used to describe any disorder that affects the joints. However, these disorders change and take a shape of rheumatic diseases. Rheumatic diseases occur in body due to specific genes in most of the cases.

There are two main kinds, osteo and rheumatoid, both of which affect the joint in different ways. Osteo arthritis is when the cartilage between bones wears down, until bone grates on bone. Whichever you experience, there are natural remedies for arthritis to manage the pain and ease the symptoms.

Salveo Life Sciences, one of the most reputed companies for its unique and safe herbal medicines produces Ostranil gel, capsules, tablets and oils which is one of the best home remedy for arthritis as the company is reputed for its unique and safe herbal medicines. 

There are several medical treatments for arthritis patients. Some easy natural solutions can also provide relief from the pain of asthma. Let’s follow those to eradicate arthritis permanently.

1. Turmeric & Ginger Tea

Turmeric and ginger are both anti-inflammatorys, and help to reduce oseto and rheumatoid arthritis. Its active ingredient is something called curcumin, which is a powerful antioxidant.  

2. Olive Oil

The consistency of olive oil lubricates your joints and ease arthritis pain.

3. Exercise

Exercise will help reduce and control weight, allow them to move more freely, boost the muscles that support the joint, even when the cartilage is thinning, and lubricates the joints. 
Thus, one can control and manage arthritis pain with the easy way shown by Salveo Life Sciences as Ayurveda has enormous capability to prevent us from any kind of simple and complicated ailments. 


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