Thursday, 30 March 2017

Eliminate the symptoms of cold with herbal remedy of Salveo

Few ailments seem to be quite annoying by nature. They have an awful tendency to disrupt your regular activities and other important things of your life. Even without any symptom or indication, sometimes just with the change of climate, you may fall sick. Yes, we are talking about the cough ailment.

This type of ailment occurs with certain symptoms that are as follows:

A stuffy or runny nose
A feeling of the liquid running down the back portion of the throat
Sore throat as well as frequent clearing of throat
Heart burn as well as sour taste in the mouth
Coughing of blood

When you are afflicted with this disease, you may suffer from drowsiness as well as feel tired initially and after a certain point of time you may have watery nose and it becomes thicker gradually. If it continues for more than two weeks and if you have fever and also cough up thick mucus then there is a possibility that you have chronic cough infection caused due to virus as well as bacteria.

Salveo Life Sciences, one of the leading herbal medicine manufacturing companies, comes up with a cluster of cough medicines that produce no harmful side effects. Salveo’s Tuswas is an effective cough syrup that cures all kinds of cough issues. It is safe to be used for prolonged administration and it also does not induce drowsiness.

Another cough remedy offered by Salveo is Lobodil suspension. It is an excellent mass cell stabilizer as well as prevents the release of the inflammatory mediators that can lead to asthma problem and can even weaken the immune system.It is prepared from the herbal extracts such as Banslochana and Adathoda vasica, Nisdal. Remain fit and healthy every season with the help of Salveo Life Sciences and protect your body from cough and cold effectively.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please do not use this information to diagnose or treat health problems without consulting a doctor.


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